Monthly Stationery Subscription

A once-a-month package of stationery delivered to your door with everything you need to keep up your card writing habit, or to start a new one.

This is more than just a box of goodies - you’ll get the tools you need to make letter writing a stress-free and enjoyable part of your life. We'll create a community together, learn together, grow together, and write alongside each other!

You'll be known as the thoughtful one among your friends - and always have what you need on hand to send a special card or note.

All artwork & stationery is designed by artist Jen Fox, and each month you’ll get at least one item that is exclusive to the subscription. $35+ of goodies each month for $24!

Items in the photo are examples of what you can expect to receive in a box, but each box is a surprise and designed specifically for each month’s theme & season. 

This is a monthly, recurring subscription. Your first payment will be immediately after you place your first order, after that all payments process on the 1st of every month.  Items are shipped mid-month. Cancel at any time. Questions? Email me anytime!

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Molly Krause
A treat every month!

I LOVE my subscription! The designs are lovely and different every month. Everything is included plus a little gift every time. I write more notes and letters and I credit this subscription. Thanks Jen!

Dora Elling

I searched for a stationery subscription for a while but couldn’t find anything that appealed to me until I came across Jen Fox Studio! I love the designs and the pieces included in the kit are all practical for my needs.

Jackie Tobin

I enjoy receiving this each month.

Maisie Creelman
Monthly Subscription

I just received my 3rd monthly subscription and I love it. I send lots of birthday cards and I love that I’m sending a local artists ones.

denise williams
the 2nd one is better than the first!

the October stationery package is my 2nd. It is great! It motivates me to write more letters! I love having different types of stationery (cards, stationery sheets) plus stickers that make the letters even more special. I, too, think we can change the world by writing more letters and Jen is certainly helping me to that. She obviously puts a lot of thought (and work!) into each month's stationery package. There seems to be a "special" thing in each one to share with recipients of my letters. I love getting this stationery package each month!