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August 2022

Happy August!

This month is all about the simple things & simple gestures that we can do to add some joy into the lives of others around us.

I love the image of an envelope filled with flowers -- isn’t that what it feels like when you receive a handwritten letter? It’s a simple, beautiful gesture that immediately brightens your day. 

The extra gift this month is a pair of hand stamped gift tags. Wrap them around a bouquet or a bottle of wine or gift for a personal touch!

It can be hard to fit in time to write letters - maybe you have kids home from school, or vacations planned. Here’s what I’m doing to make sure I keep time in my schedule for snail mail: I’ll make a list of 4 people to write to, gather their mailing addresses, and pre-address & stamp each envelope. Then, I’ll set aside 10-20 minutes per card and make myself a letter writing date on the calendar. 



Did you see the Snail Mail 5 Day Challenge that I recently hosted?  The event is over, but you can still do it on your own! Visit this blog post for a list of 5 prompts to kickstart your writing habit.

And, if you haven't joined the Snail Mail Enthusiast Facebook Group, I'd love to have you! My hope is that as this group grows, it'll be the perfect place to find a new pen pal, and be a welcoming place to land & chat all things paper and mail.

If you would like to download additional letter writing pages to print at home, here's a link. This is sized to cut in half after you print. Please don't share this downloadable with others, as it is a perk of your subscription. You are welcome to use & print it as many times as you wish for your personal use.

One last thing - it is SO fun to see where these stationery kits end up & to share in the excitement with one another. If you would take a moment to create a post or story on social media and tag me so I see it, I would be so grateful! (I'm on Instagram & Facebook). Or, share it in the Facebook group linked above!