September 2022

Happy September!

Sunflowers and goldfinches, oh my! The theme this month is inspired by my own backyard garden. As I write this, I can see the tall rambling sunflower stalks silhouetted against the house, and lately I’ve noticed that the goldfinches are especially fond of the seeds.


The goldfinch greeting card & notecard feature one of my brand new illustrations! Due to the paper type of these cards, they will work best with a fine tip permanent marker. 


The extra gift this month is a Swedish dishcloth - I LOVE these biodegradable cloths! Use as a sponge or a reusable paper towel. These cloths are from a small business called Sweetgum Home.


As we begin to ease into fall, it’s a good time to reconnect with loved ones after a busy summer season! Maybe your routines are shifting with the start of a new school year - is there time you can carve into your schedule to write a letter or two?





If you haven't joined the Snail Mail Enthusiast Facebook Group, I'd love to have you! My hope is that as this group grows, it'll be the perfect place to find a new pen pal, and be a welcoming place to land & chat all things paper and mail.

If you would like to download additional letter writing pages to print at home, here's a link. This is sized to cut in half after you print. Please don't share this downloadable with others, as it is a perk of your subscription. You are welcome to use & print it as many times as you wish for your personal use.

One last thing - it is SO fun to see where these stationery kits end up & to share in the excitement with one another. If you would take a moment to create a post or story on social media and tag me so I see it, I would be so grateful! (I'm on Instagram & Facebook). Or, share it in the Facebook group linked above!