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by Jen Fox 3 min read

Including creative and inexpensive things in a handwritten letter can add a personal touch and make it more memorable.Here are some ideas for 11 affordable, lightweight items to include in your snail mail!

Imagine if you opened a letter and some pressed fall leaves fell out, along with a story about how the writer went for a walk along the river, saw the leaves, and thought of you. Wouldn't that just be the best thing?

Here are some ideas to add thoughtful touches to a card or letter:

    1. Hand-drawn illustrations: Add small sketches or doodles that relate to your message or shared memories. It could be something as simple as a flower, heart, or a representation of an inside joke.
    2. Photo prints: Include printed photographs of special moments you've shared together. You can print them at home or use affordable photo printing services.
    3. Pressed flowers or leaves: Pick some flowers or leaves from your surroundings, press them between the pages of a heavy book for a few days, and include them in the letter. They add a touch of nature - and you can share the story of how or where you found them.pressed fall leaves make a thoughtful addition to a letter or card
    4. Personalized bookmarks: Create a personalized bookmark by cutting a piece of cardstock or using an old photo. Decorate it with meaningful quotes, drawings, or stickers.
    5. Handwritten poems or quotes: Write a poem or find a meaningful quote that reflects your feelings and write it out by hand. It shows thoughtfulness and adds a touch of literary beauty to your letter.
    6. Origami: Fold a small origami creation, such as a heart, crane, or flower. There are numerous tutorials available online, and it adds a delightful surprise when unfolded.
    7. Tea bags or sachets: Include a favorite tea bag or a small sachet of dried herbs or flowers. It adds a sensory element to your letter and can be a comforting reminder of shared moments. Maybe you can even include their favorite scent, or a note of why the scent you included reminds you of them.thoughtful lightweight gift to put in a care package
    8. Mini CardsWhat could be more exciting than receiving a card? How about discovering a card within a card! You can create your own mini masterpiece with a fun drawing and a sweet little compliment, or choose one of our Note Card Sets. They are the perfect size to slip inside a greeting card or a letter.goldfinch notecard set
    9. Personalized playlist: Create a list of songs that hold significance for you both and write them down in the letter. You can add instructions for finding them online - like creating a playlist on Spotify to share.
    10. Handmade paper: Create your own handmade paper by recycling old paper scraps. There are tutorials available online on how to make paper at home - here's a great one! Writing your letter on unique paper adds an extra touch of creativity.
    11. Stickers: Add a sticker that reminds you of them -- they can use it to decorate a water bottle, phone case, laptop, or notebook. Here are some cute nature themed stickers.waterproof botanical stickers i brake for wildflowers

Remember, the most important thing is the thought and effort you put into the letter. These inexpensive additions can make your handwritten letter more personal and show your loved one how much you care.

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