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by Jen Fox 1 min read

When you are hunting for a gift for someone special in your life - sister, teacher, mother, aunt, niece, friend, client - it's nice to be able to gift something beautiful AND practical.

My customers love my handmade zipper pouches because they truly are a piece of portable, functional art. There are a million ways to use a pouch. And how fun would it be to gift a whole experience?

Here are four ideas for a memorable gift:


1. Add jewelry

Support handmade jewelry businesses and add a statement piece of jewelry to a pouch. Need some ideas? The jewelry pictured is from here and here

Hummingbird Zipper Pouch

2. Make your own gift set

Fill a pouch with things your loved one enjoys, but wouldn't necessarily purchase for themself - like a scented travel candle, earrings, lip tint, and a heartfelt card.

Gift Set

3. Feminine Essentials Kit 

Honor a milestone in a young girl's life with a special kit filled with essentials to keep in a backpack or locker

Cholla Cactus Zipper Pouch

4. Fill a pouch with a gift card or cash - let her spoil herself!

Pick her favorite restaurant, spa, or shop and add a gift card to a pouch -- a gift within a gift!

Century Plant Zipper Pouch

Photos by Truly Social