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by Jen Fox 2 min read

January Stationery Kit Reveal! Here's what subscribers got this month...

Typing “2024” for this mini newsletter feels surreal! How are we here, already? For me, the great parts of this past year have flown by while the not-so-great parts felt like they were lasting forever. 


[this is an excerpt of the little note I included in January's stationery kit! I send a kit of stationery featuring my artwork every month. Here's a link to learn more.]

stationery kit jen fox studio

I don’t know about you, but though I tend to be a very goal oriented person throughout the year, January is a time of reflection and dreaming for me. I wonder about the possibilities of this new year - is this the year I finally feel like I have a handle on my garden? Will I finally be committed to learn a basic level of Spanish? What will it be like to spend summer nights in my cabin in the mountains?

It’s the joy and the challenge of life I suppose, to have goals and dreams but to also be open to the possibilities of the things that you could never anticipate -- both the good and the not-so-good.

Consider this a prompt that you might use to write a friend - pen a list of daydreams for the new year and ask them to reply with the same.

January's kit included: 2 greeting cards & envelopes, 2 sets of stationery pages & colored envelopes, 4 forever stamps, 2 cozy herbal teas, a jumbo paperclip, and a roll of washi tape. 

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The two cards that were new for stationery subscribers this month are available for purchase individually or as a set of 6!

Here is the Cabin in Flowers card, which is inspired by my very own cabin in the woods in northern New Mexico. 

mountain cabins in flowers jen fox studio greeting card stationery

 And also the Sage Medallion Greeting Card, also available individually or in packs of 6. This one has a Scandinavian influence, which I've really been leaning into lately in my artwork.

sage green scandinavian medallion greeting card jen fox studio stationery


Subscribers, I hope you loved this kit! If you don't subscribe yet, I'd love to have you next month -- each month is a surprise, curated around a theme. I absolutely love creating new artwork and putting together these kits each month for you, and imagining all of the snail mail that's heading out into the world.

There's no commitment, and you can cancel anytime. Try it out for a month or two and see what you think! Join us here.