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by Jen Fox 2 min read

<< excerpt from an email sent on 2/7/2022 >>

Hello, friends!

I've been thinking a lot lately about handwritten notes & how much joy they can bring. It started over the holidays, when I visited my parents' home and they tasked me with FINALLY going through the last of my belongings (even though I moved out close to 20 years ago!!).

In my boxes, there were greeting cards for past birthdays from grandparents who are now gone -- and of course, their handwriting was instantly recognizable to me. How many of my closest friends' handwriting would I even recognize today?

It got me thinking about writing & sending cards more regularly - even when there isn't a particular occasion.

(Psst - all of my current greeting cards are blank and suitable for any situation)

On a whim yesterday, I decided to give myself a little challenge....

I want to send you a handwritten note!

want a handwritten card?

I can't claim to be an amazing or consistent letter writer, but as with all things, with practice I'll get better.

I put out a little call on social media yesterday evening, and this morning I'm addressing about 3 dozen envelopes. My humble little handwritten notes are going to be traveling to 10 states so far!

Want to add your name to my list? Just reply to this email with your first + last name and your mailing address!

image with envelopes

I started writing down a few prompts in my notebook today to help me if I get stuck on what to say.

The thing is, as I was reading through those old letters and cards from my past, it didn't quite matter what was said.

The joy was in the thought that someone took the time to write something down, and mail it to me.

So - if you want a bit of cheer in your mailbox (no strings attached, just for the fun of some human connection), reply with your mailing address!

I'm looking forward to sending you some good old fashioned snail mail!