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3 Ways to Gift a Tea Towel

Hi, friends! I'm so excited for the new collection of tea towels, and I put together a short video for you to give you some ideas about how you can make a sweet & simple gift. Perfect for a housewarming or hostess gift, or for Mother's Day (it's coming up soon!).

3 Ways to Gift a Tea Towel:

1: Wrap a tea towel around a bottle of nice wine, secure with string or a ribbon, and add an herb sprig if you're feeling fancy!

2: Bundle up a loaf of freshly baked bread

3: Wrap a simple mason jar with a towel for a sweet bouquet


Here's also a video with a more detailed look at these simple gift ideas, PLUS see a close up of how the tea towels are packaged!

I want you to feel like you're unwrapping a gift from a friend when you get a tea towel from me, so I made some thoughtful packaging for you that feels like a special bonus.

The cardstock band that wraps around the towel gives all the key details on the outside, but if you carefully remove it, you'll see a cute design on the reverse side! Reuse this band as a pretty bookmark.

then unfold the towel, and you'll find a piece of cardstock inside that helps it keep it's shape when folded. This card doubles as an art print! Frame it, put it on the fridge, cut it up into gift tags -- it's meant to be reused and enjoyed.



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