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by Jen Fox 3 min read

8 Creative Ways to Use Your Linen Kitchen Towel

The most common comment I get about my range of linen kitchen towels is "It's MUCH too pretty to actually use!"

Though I completely understand the sentiment, I'd argue that it's time we use the pretty things! Burn the expensive candle, eat from the nice china in the cabinet, open the bottle of wine you've been saving for the special occasion. Life is short, and it may as well be beautiful.

Truly though, we all have grubby kitchen towels that mop up spills and serve their utilitarian function.

But you can have pretty, functional towels too! The linen towels that I sell in my shop that feature all of my original artwork and designs are so versatile.

They are 100% linen with an allover design, and as is typical with linen, they soften up after several washes. The fabric fibers relax, and the towel becomes softer and more absorptive.

Here are 8 creative ways to use your pretty linen tea towels, both in and out of the kitchen.

  1. Bread Basket Liner: Upgrade your breadbasket presentation by using a linen kitchen towel as a stylish liner. Simply arrange the towel neatly and place it inside the basket before placing your freshly baked bread or rolls on top.

how to use a tea towel as a bread basket liner

  1. Herb Saver: Extend the shelf life of your fresh herbs by wrapping them in a damp linen kitchen towel before storing them in the refrigerator. The linen material allows for adequate airflow while retaining moisture, keeping your herbs crisp and flavorful for days. This eco-friendly method eliminates the need for plastic wrap or containers, reducing waste in your kitchen.

  2. DIY Cheese Cloth: Perhaps an idea best suited to the towels that have been well loved and are less pristine, in a pinch, a linen kitchen towel can serve as a makeshift cheese cloth for straining liquids or wrapping homemade cheese. Its tight weave effectively filters out impurities while allowing liquids to pass through, making it ideal for homemade broths, nut milk, or yogurt. Additionally, you can use it to wrap cheese during the aging process, allowing it to breathe while protecting it from contaminants.

  3. Produce Storage: Say goodbye to single-use plastic bags and opt for a sustainable solution by using linen kitchen towels to wrap and store fruits and vegetables. The breathable fabric helps regulate moisture levels, keeping produce fresh for longer periods without the risk of condensation buildup. Simply wrap your greens or bundle your berries in the towel before placing them in the refrigerator crisper drawer.

how to use a tea towel as an herb saver

  1. Oversized Reusable Napkins: Are you a cloth napkin user? I love having different patterned napkins for different people, so when the napkins don't need a wash in between meals, you can still keep them designated by person. My towels make wonderful oversized napkins, or even placemats.

  2. Reusable Gift Wrap: Elevate your gift-giving game by using a linen kitchen towel as eco-friendly gift wrap. Not only does it add a personal touch to your present, but it also eliminates the need for disposable wrapping paper that often ends up in landfills. Tie the towel around your gift with a decorative ribbon or twine for a charming and sustainable packaging solution that's sure to impress. A personal favorite is wrapping a towel around a bottle of wine for a simple housewarming gift.

how to use a tea towel to wrap a gift

  1. Bathroom Hand Towel: I love using my linen towels as a hand towel in the bathroom. They are pretty & not bulky, and you can swap them out by the season or to match your bathroom decor.

  2. DIY Home Decor: Here are some creative ways my customers have used their towels in the past - cafe curtains for the kitchen, fabric for a throw pillow, framed as a work of art for the wall. These ideas might require some of your own creativity & maybe some sewing skills, but I love all of the creative ideas! 

A linen kitchen towel is far more than just a basic tool for drying dishes – it’s a versatile multitasker, and a fantastic gift!

Whether you’re using it to enhance your table settings, beautify your kitchen, or reduce waste, the possibilities are endless with this simple yet indispensable kitchen essential. So next time you reach for your trusty linen kitchen towel, I encourage you to think creatively about how you might use it. And if you have another idea, I'd love to hear it!

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