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by Jen Fox 1 min read

The simplest way to find a pen pal is to look around you - who in your life do you wish you had a stronger connection with? A cousin? Sibling? Former co-worker? A friend who moved away?

Of course, writing letters isn't for everyone, and if it feels like asking someone you already know is too much, there are many ways to connect with others from around the country (or around the world).

Here are a few ideas of where to find a pen pal:

Worldwide Snail Mail Pen Palsis a Facebook group dedicated to finding someone to exchange letters with, and the group includes people from all over the world. This is a very robust group! Just follow the group rules to introduce yourself and there's a good chance you'll 

Snail Mail Enthusiastsis the Facebook group built around my monthly subscription of stationery kits, it's small, but it's growing! You can join the group and make a post introducing yourself if you'd like to find a pen pal. 

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Sometimes simply writing a note to someone knowing it will cheer someone up is enough, and you don't need a reply in return. Here are some places to find someone to cheer up with a card:

Love for Our Elders, where you can find the address to write a letter to a senior who needs some extra love this month. 

Postcrossing is a site where you can register to send and receive postcards to people all over the world. This is a fun one if you want to add to a collection of international stamps or postcards!