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by Jen Fox 1 min read

If you haven't yet been introduced to washi tape, I can't wait to share it with you! Washi tape is a japanese style decorative masking tape. It's a super cute, fun way to add a bit of extra color and pattern to your paper crafts.

I find myself reaching for it whenever I need a bit of tape - to seal a package, stick a reminder on the wall, or tape something together - because isn't this so much more fun than clear scotch tape?? 

washi tape

One way I love to use washi tape is to decorate plain white envelopes.

Try making a frame around the addresses, or a border around the whole envelope. Experiment with cutting the tape at different angles to create interesting shapes. 

washi tape envelopes

Another fun thing to do with washi tape is to tape a letter inside of a card, so that your recipient can reuse the card and send it on to someone else. You can tape a cute sticker inside, too!

The washi tape removes easily, and doesn't leave residue on the paper.

washi tape letter

How do you like to use washi tape

Here's a quick 2 minute video I made to share these ideas: