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Snail Mail 5 Day Challenge

by Jen Fox 2 min read

Join us in this super simple, totally doable challenge! We'll be writing one card or letter each day for 5 days.
Here are prompts for each day of the week. Don't overthink it - even just a sentence or two will do! Small gestures and short notes are just as meaningful as long letters. Consider using a postcard to take the pressure off.
Have a friend who bought a house? Got a promotion? Quit a job that wasn’t a good fit? Started a business? Did something else that’s really cool that’s worth celebrating? Write a note celebrating their successes.
Relationships can ebb and flow, especially across physical distances. Sometimes when they ebb it’s hard to know how to reconnect. I love a simple note - include something specific (like a memory of a past shared experience) so they know you’re thinking of them.
Life can be hard! An encouraging note can go a long way to let someone know they aren’t alone. This type of note is not about giving advice, it’s about standing alongside someone during the tough things.
Thank yous aren’t just obligations to jot down when you receive a gift. They can be for big things or for small things - maybe there’s someone who had an impact on your life in the past, and you never quite said thank you. Or, maybe there’s someone in your day to day interactions who could use some gratitude.
Handwritten notes are the perfect thing to surprise & delight someone when they least expect it. Today, write a note to your partner, your child, your friend, a coworker - and put it somewhere that they can discover it & be surprised. Maybe it’s a simple note to say you appreciate them, or maybe it’s an invitation to do something fun together. Use your imagination!