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by Jen Fox 1 min read

Introducing.... NEW makeup bags!! These bags will be live in the shop on Friday, April 2nd.

These waterproof bags are so cheerful and happy. I've been gravitating towards bright, clear colors lately. I think it's a result of the weather changing, watching my spring blooms slowly open up in the garden, and craving lightness and joy. How are you feeling these days?

Earlier this year, I released a mini collection called Heirloom. It included a few bags & pouches made of fabric that I designed. The artwork on the fabric was very heavily inspired by the work of my great-grandfather. You can read all about that over here, and see the collection here.

I thought at the time that it was a one-and-done collection, but I've continued to be inspired by these folk art motifs. So - I'm continuing with this theme! I hope you are as inspired by these little illustrations as I am.

These makeup bags will be live in my shop this Friday! They are lined with water resistant nylon, and the bottom is a water resistant cordura nylon. They are totally washable! These bags are so happy & cheerful, the perfect transition to spring for your toiletries.

waterproof makeup bags

heirloom fabric collection by jen fox

waterproof makeup bag with leopards in periwinkle

waterproof makeup bags handmade in usa periwinkle

waterproof makeup bag, periwinkle floral